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​Ways you can help:

  • We are in need of space to sort, store, and work on projects.  If you know of anyone owning a place/space that might meet this need for free, please contact us.

  • Volunteer - help a-lot or help a-little. Many hands make light work!

  • Give financially.  We have been asked for assistance with obtaining a car, beds, clothing, booster seats, school supplies and more.  This cannot happen without help from you.

  • Join our team by helping or supporting!

Current Blanket Drive

To cover the cost for :

1 blanket = $15

5 blankets = $75

10 blankets = $150

Any and all donations are appreciated!


Through Fostering Families Inc.
we strive to help meet the most basic needs of children in foster care. Chisago County and Pine County has a great need due to low funding for foster care children.

Blanket Drive or Current Need Donations appreciated!
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